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Pol-line is a Polish manufacturer of clear aligners for companies worldwide.


The highest standards of production of clear aligners result from our international experience in introducing innovative solutions in the field of clear-aligner treatment, in medical and commercial models.


Excellent transparency of aligners was achieved by testing various materials and innovative technological solutions and outstanding precision by introducing a manual finish. Our clear aligners are a top quality medical product that meets ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, free of BPA and latex.

delivery times

We handle large and small orders and, thanks to constantly modernised technology and process solutions, we guarantee short delivery times.

of our customers

Our products are appreciated by the customers, both on the domestic and foreign markets (Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany, Australia, UK, Israel, The Netherlands).

in orthodontics

Clear aligners have revolutionised the orthodontic treatment of adults worldwide. More than 6 million people have already straightened their teeth with invisible clear aligners. The aligners owe their growing popularity to the effectiveness of treatment, discretion and convenience, as well as shorter treatment times.

Your Personalised Treatment Plan
Based on a 3D Scan

Clear aligners are transparent braces that straighten teeth in the desired direction and are made on the basis of a personalised treatment plan for the patient with the use of a 3D oral scan.

Set of Personalised

On the basis of the STL file you send to us, we manufacture a set of individual aligners for orthodontic correction. The number of aligners depends on the defect and the required duration of treatment.


The aligners are made of solid thermoplastic material, which is approved for medical applications and therefore harmless to your health. It is certified by various health organisations worldwide (European Medical Device Regulation, ISO) and does not contain BPA and latex.v